Neutralize your impact.

Fly ecofriendly.

When you get on a plane you generate an environmental impact that can be neutralized.

Why Neutralflight?

At Neutralflight we not only neutralize the carbon footprint generated by your air travel with blockchain technology and triple impact, but we also reward your climate responsibility so that you can keep flying.


Reward your Climate Action.

Your environmental effort generates value.


Offset your impact

We integrate scientific methods to our algorithm. (IPCC, DEFRA & GHG Protocol)


Your effort has a unique code

We change the world with traceability, authenticity and immutability. (*block chain)


Learn how to take care of the planet.

Climate responsibility needs a little bit of everyone.


About us

Neutralflight is changing the way to neutralize the environmental impact of an air travel. We articulate efforts that positively transform the world.

We simplify the compliance of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) by raising passenger’s awareness.

Let’s make the Paris Agreement something authentically real.

All Sustainable Development Goals in ONE


Wherever you go, spread hope!

Neutralize your footprint in 4 steps
Mide tu huella

1. Measure
your footprint

Enter your trip details.

Compensa tu impacto

2. Offset
your impact

Choose a triple impact project and neutralize your footprint.

Certifica tu aporte

3. Certify
your contribution

Generate a unique, immutable certificate and verifiable..

Compartí tu acción

4. Share
your action

Tell the world that neutralizing a flight is possible!

Learn how to change the world


What’s the carbon

In the context of Neutralflight it refers to the environmental impact of air travel that exacerbates the climate crisis. The carbon footprint is expressed in tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).


What are the

Greenhouse gases (* GHG) are chemical substances that are generated by both natural processes and human activities. The particularity that they accumulate in the atmosphere prevents solar radiation from being released into outer space, accelerating global warming.


What does it mean Carbon Neutral?

A Carbon Neutral flight is one that, after measuring its carbon footprint, offsets its impact by contributing economically to projects that demonstrate the ability to reduce or remove a similar or greater amount of greenhouse gases emitted during a trip.


What does an Ecoproject?

An Ecoproject is a public or private initiative for the conservation and reforestation of forests, the generation of renewable energies such as: wind, solar or other eco-friendly technology, which demonstrates the ability to remove or reduce greenhouse gases.


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